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Also, Canadian Protein's delivery time is AMAZING! Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin. NZWP mixes instantly in water and only requires 6-8 ounces of water for a rich, flavourful taste with no bloat. Tried three flavours, chocolate,vanilla, and strawberry. Unfortunately, it is not just high-grain diets that are of concern here. Grass Fed New Zealand Whey Unflavoured Rawdneh on 01/09/2013 This is a great product. It is well known in the dairy industry that New Zealand is the most advanced dairy producer in the world with strict guidelines on grass feeding and track record for free-range livestock.  We don’t use any artificial ingredients, flavours, or sweeteners. I like New Zealand whey because they don't feed the cows bad stuff, and no hormones.

I can't speak for the taste because I order unflavoured unsweetened, but I really wish I didn't order this now after being spoiled by the texture of the isolate. as well.... can;t seem to find the scoop in the bag... unless it's at the very bottom, so I am eye balling portions as I don't have a scale to measure. Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin. Grain-Fed Cows Are Sick Which whey protein is right for you? Alex O. on 23/07/2016 I bought this protein unsweetened and unflavoured to avoid unnecessary added sugars and sweeteners. NZWP is very refined and can be mixed in water, milk, or soy milk. My only complaint is when I mix the whey in water, it foams up like crazy and I have to wait 10-15 minutes for it to settle down. Although very safe and beneficial, potential side effects could include: Ensure to drink enough fluid before, during, and after exercise. Also, Canadian Protein's delivery time is AMAZING! I would suggest you do the same.

Superior Source Whey is considered the highest quality source of protein and has the highest Biological Value (BV) rating of any protein on the market today. Our whey is sourced from pasture-fed cows in New Zealand, Australia, Tasmania and small U.S. family farms. Grass-Fed Whey is minimally processed and low in sodium. Plus, our microfiltered, undenatured, low-heat manufacturing process protects the beneficial co-factors and nutrients in whey. NO Added Hormones such as rBST & rBGH NO High-Fructose Corn Syrup NO Artificial Sweeteners, Flavors or Colors NO Added Sugar NO GMO Ingredients or Fillers NO Non-Dairy Creamer What isn't in your protein is just as important as what is Directions Soy-free. Our lecithin is derived from non-GMO sunflower seeds to improve mixability. Mix 1 scoop into 8 oz of cold water or your favorite beverage. For best results, drink Grass-Fed Whey every day. Free Of Soy, gluten, GMO, artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors.

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