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But the auditor general’s findings confirm that Canada is also facing problems when it comes to basic screening of people moving across our borders legally — for work, study or leisure. “There were cars, many cars — 300,000 cars in fact — that came across the border into Canada for which they have no record of who was in those vehicles,” Ferguson said in a prepared video statement . The good news is the number of cars and people getting through our security nets without proper vetting is, relatively speaking, small.  The 113 improperly issued temporary resident permits, for example, represent only 4 per cent of the total permits issued over the course of 12 months. The 300,000 cars that get past border guards without “undergoing all elements of a required inspection” represent just two per cent of all the vehicles entering Canada in a year. The other good news is that both the Canada Border Services Agency and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada recognize their staff is at risk of corruption by people willing to pay bribes, or even engage in blackmail, to get into Canada. And officials are doing something about it. “We found that both organizations … developed controls—policies, procedures, processes, and activities—to mitigate the risks (of corruption),” Ferguson writes. “However, neither organization adequately monitored the controls to ensure they were working as intended.” The auditor general did not find widespread corruption among CBSA officers, immigration staff or staff working overseas, however. Security screening of employees was also up-to-date and adequate, his report noted. READ MORE:  RCMP failing to meet mental health needs for Mounties, says auditor general Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale called that “a very welcome finding” on Tuesday afternoon. “I want to emphasize emphatically that there is no evidence of corruption of border services found during this audit,” the minister said. Goodale added that “we will continue to enhance monitoring activities to ensure that these risk controls continue to be working as expected.” Among other risk-management tactics, the Canadian government provides managers in its visa offices abroad with an annual checklist to help them minimize the risk of corruption among locally engaged staff (foreign nationals working for Canada abroad) who help review visa applications. http://roguehealthandfitness.com/is-grass-fed-beef-worth-the-money/ “For example, checklists covered measures to prevent collusion between locally engaged staff who were related, and to identify whether Canada-based staff were located in work areas in order to supervise locally engaged staff,” the auditor’s report states.

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